Iphone home screen image

Tap the Choose file button above to select this snapshot image NOT the original image set as home screen. Once it is done, tap on Open Popup. How to Manage Apps on the iPhone Home Screen. Here are simple instructions that will help you do just that.
Iphone home screen image
The iPhone's multitouch screen makes it easy to move or delete apps, create and delete folders, and create new pages. Then, either upload a PNG, or JPG image to be used as icon, or add one from URL. Interested in changing the defaulted home screen background image on your iPhone to something more customized but arent sure how. Once done, scroll down, and tap on Lets Go.

Perhaps you would like to make it a photo you have taken yourself and saved on your Camera Roll, or even a picture from the Internet.

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Tap the Upload Photo button above to upload your snapshot image on the iEmpty server.

Iphone home screen image
You can also read the iEmpty's main help page. Also, this How to is not limited to any specific model. Albanian Riviera updated their cover photo. Inhowzer Home Decor Decorating Ideas.