Visual basic picturebox image from url

I have SizeMode set to StretchImage. Hi First download and save that picture in temp folder from sql based on select query and in picture box imagelocation url u give that temp folder path with picture name. Heres a small bit of code to download a image file from a URL, store it inside the RAM memory and then show it in a PictureBox. So, now let's start this tutorial.
Visual basic picturebox image from url 2
I think u store ur picture stored in binary format in sql. How do I make it so I can load a image of the internet with out permanently downloading it to the hard drive.
Modern duplex house plans with photos. I think the problem would be path the location of the image. Now we shall write code so that the user can browse for the image files in his or her local drives then select a particular image to display in the picture box.

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Visual basic picturebox image from url
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