Css multiple background images repeat

I try to get multiple background images in one div at the moment. We do that by separating the values with commas. The second should start at the middle to the right end of the div.

Css multiple background images repeat
So the first listed value for background-repeat applies to the first frontmost background, and so forth. Instead we'd need to nest another element for every additional background image. Background-image repeating when resize window background-repeat is no-repeat. Below is the wire-frame for the functionality I am trying to achieve. That's just a single image there, repeated, but we can actually set multiple background images if we want.
Css multiple background images repeat 2
The different background images are separated by commas, and the images are stacked on top of each other, where the first image is closest to the viewer. We look forward to a continued excellent working relationship with Abbey Design over the coming years. Colorful cute happy cartoon family with pets. Vintage beach chairs vintage canvas beach chairs pictures ideas.