Android large image zoom

By the end of this tutorial, you will have an app that looks like this. Use the default Phone Tablet options and select Empty Activity when prompted for the Activity Type. The following example loads a large image resource on the UI thread for simplicity. Once you apply your layout, set up the event handlers that trigger the zoom animation.

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Android large image zoom 1
Maps and building plans without OutOfMemoryErrors. The following example adds a View. Our experienced team has spent thousands of hours working with customers developing ways to make decorating easier.
Android large image zoom
You will want to do this loading in a separate thread to prevent blocking on the UI thread and then set the bitmap on the UI thread. One is XML layout file and another is java activity file and then you have to add one image in your project drawable folder. Volcanic rock Volcano Magma, Volcanic rock, gray stone PNG clipart, android large image zoom.
Android large image zoom
Well use an ImageView with the application icon to provide a visual indication of the pinch-to-zoom. The large imageview is for full screen size and small imageview is for thumbnail size. Following is the complete content of XM.